Pacific Meinuoke Biopharmaceutical


Pacific Meinuoke has created some unique and advanced biologics and is currently developing a variety of new product lines which will be brought to market after the completion of clinical trials and registration.

HAb18G/CD147 Cancer Biomarker Diagnostic Kit (Immunohistochemical Assay)

This novel HAb18G/CD147 Cancer Biomarker Diagnostic Kit has been developed by using patented cancer-specific monoclonal antibody HAb18 to detect the expression of HAb18G/CD147 in the epithelial tissues of some malignant cancers, such as lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and esophageal cancer. This cancer marker can be used to assist the diagnosis of epitheliomas.

HAb18G/CD147 Serum Diagnostic Kit

This product can be used in the screening of medically high risky groups among the ordinary people as well as for early detection, diagnosis, treatment monitor, and prognosis assessment.

Therapeutic Kit

Developed from humanized ADCC cHAb18 antibody, this therapeutic product is especially for lung cancer. The pharmacodynamic experiments indicated that it has promising inhibitory effects on different types of lung cancer, such as adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and small cell carcinoma. Currently this product is in the stage of preclinical research.

Iodine[131I] Catuximab Injection for Colon Cancer

The product is prepared by conjugating radioisotope iodine to colon cancer-specific monoclonal antibody CAbl fragment for the treatment of colon cancer. The key advantage of this injection in colon cancer therapy is to specifically deliver iodine to tumor and extend the stay time of iodine in tumor site for killing the tumor cells more effectively.